Plaid Cymru


Art Direction / Layout Design
/ Photography

The aim was to elevate Plaid Cymrus profile, prior to, and during the upcoming election – creating maximum impact and reinforcing its newly found role as a forward thinking party.

Kutchibok produced Plaid Cymrus integrated communications campaign material. This included maintaining Plaids visual brand and design of the major publications such as pre-manifestos, national manifestos, set backdrops, policy documents and promotional material, 48 sheet poster, conference backdrops, advertising vans, leaflets and editable leaflet templates.

Plaid Cymrus Pre-election & Election Conference and Manifesto launch. Plaid also held a strong presence at key events including the National Eisteddfod, the Urdd Eisteddfod, Royal Welsh Show, and generally across the country through leaflet distribution to promote the partys message.

“The campaign was a huge success, helping Plaid reach new audiences. All the marketing literature was well received by Plaid Cymru delegates and non-associated members of the public. As a consequence of Plaid Cymrus integrated comunications campaign – membership increased by 24%.”