March 8, 2017

Myddfai Trading Company Wins Prestigious European Award for Excellence
At an award ceremony which took place in Saint Etienne, France,  the Design Management Excellence Award was won by Myddfai Trading Company,  which competed successfully against other European Companies.

The Myddfai brand was established in 2010, followed by the launch of a range of toiletries in 2012. Managing director Mike Hill was keen to lift the packaging designs to another level and  with the help of Design Wales, commissioned Cardiff based design team Kutchibok, to create this new look.

Design Wales were instrumental in starting the process of the product packaging redesign. After their initial help finding the Kutchibok design team it was up to us to manage the evolution of the packaging and the budget Mike explained. We were very excited to be nominated for the DME award and delighted that we won. The redesign has lifted the brand profile allowing us to compete at the highest level in our target market of boutique and 5* hotels.