Land of Legends


Responsive Website / Branding

Land of Legends takes you on a magical journey to the heart of who we are, the stories and characters that made us. Stories about pirates, rebels, smugglers and lost lovers as well as Wales connections to some of the worlds most beloved books are all being brought together online for the first time, through a partner project led by Literature Wales.

As lead creative partner we were responsible for the new brand, design and build of the website taking visitors on an interactive storybook tour through Wales. Book-lovers visiting Wales can now plan a personalised trip based around their favourite books and legends. We were delighted to collaborate with  Pete Fowler who has created a series of evocative illustrations for each theme and a map which is used on the website.

This new story map of Wales  uncovers hidden treasures : from haunted castles and tragic love stories; to mysterious monsters and heroic rebels.

It is mapped under 10 exciting themes Watery Worlds, Battles, Living Language, Folklore and Tradition, Sacred and Spiritual Landscapes, King Arthur, Childhood, Ghosts, Boots and Bread, and Rebels offering  visitors places to eat, drink, explore and stay, chosen from a map or themes. Itineraries will be sent by email  plotting their own literary adventure.

We kept away from the mundane stock-photography, tourism websites and  plumped instead for a mystical look and feel echoing the cultural diversity Wales has to offer. Initial design discussions centred around the need for a modern, easy to navigate website that would allow users to quickly pinpoint relevant geographical areas of interest. Users have the ability to click on to marker-pins set out on accurate coordinates for each location. The platform allows the user to explore areas of interest via themes or by region.

Navigation on the site was kept clean and intuitive. All of this was built with a flexibility of device type in mind, ensuring the site was fully optimised and tested across a range of screen sizes prior to launch. Through thorough user testing across browsers and subsequent iterations we are left with a site that will perform well under the stresses and strains of the flexible modern day user.

“We embarked on Land of Legends with a clear idea about branding and functionality, but were very aware that this might evolve as the project progressed. Kutchibok were fantastic at steering us within our wider remit, identifying best fit solutions and ideas whilst being innovative and different. What resulted was a true hybrid of input from six different people. Far from a compromise, they melded together and reinterpreted a breadth of viewpoints and angles, producing an outstandingly high quality product which excelled everyones expectations. They achieved this on budget and to schedule without fuss. Without hesitation, we would return to working with them again.”

Dr Bronwen Price,
Head of Development, Literature Wales